You’ve chosen to embark on an adventure.

I love ham radio. I enjoy chatting with other stations as I drive around, or seeing how far I can reach out with a small 5-watt radio I only paid $30.00 for. I also like making antennas. But before all that can be done you need to pass your test. This material was made to help you do that simply in a no-nonsense way.

I’ve never been happy with the methodology for studying for your HAM radio license. Are you good at memorizing stuff because that’s essentially what study has become.

It seemed pointless to me to study three wrong answers while studying the one correct answer that most material has out there. That works for some people. There are other materials out there that are well put together, but this book is different and attempts to correct the problems I see in HAM study.

While memorization is necessary for some answers, I’d rather you to truly learn what you are reading.

The online quiz material you can find is great, once you have mastered the knowledge in the question pool. But to use it as a study aid wastes precious time. Therefore, I’ve created these Technician and General Class License Mastery books.

As much as possible master the material, don’t try to game the system.

Once you master the material, you’ll be ready to take the test, and ready to master ham radio.